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1. How can I submit movies, photos, or stories to your site?

Great Feet (or GF)
P.O. Box 42
Venice, CA 90294-0042

2. When will my stories, photos, or stories be published on-line?
3. Will I get a confirmation that my photos/stories/videos have been received? 4. Will my photos be published anonymously? 5. Can I include a website address with my photos? 6. Can I let surfers know that I have items for sale? 7. Can you forward e-mail replies about my photos if I remain anonymous? 8. Do we get paid for submitting our photos? 9. Do you have restrictions of what is submitted to you? 10. Do you accept third-party photos? 11. Can I include a phone number or personal address with my photos? 12. What if I have questions not answered on this page?
Have lots of great foot fetish fun!

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Photo/Story Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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